Current Projects

Queen Street, Mayfair

Whilst Peter Lind continues with contracts on a national basis the larger preponderance of the company's operations are, via the central region division, bespoke operations for both commercial and private clients within the London & Home Counties locale.

Peter Lind have recently been favoured for the major works on an exclusive development in Queen Street, Mayfair. The project involves major and complex structural works to a pair of traditional townhouses to form six luxurious apartments. The scheme flows from the inspired vision of Bridewell Properties, Rosh Developments and their investment partner Al Salam bank of Bahrain. Peter Lind were approached prior to the purchase of the two original properties and were able to present an equitable construction scheme that gave the development team the comfort to enable the project to go ahead.

The project has captured the imagination of luxury home buyers with the off plan purchase of two of the apartments at Mayfair record prices.

Private Clients

The firm’s private clients are a Who’s Who of the most famous names in the world, some of whom demand total anonymity which is given the greatest of respect by
Peter Lind & Company. Accordingly, the firm is limited as to the extent of the project information it can extol on this website.

That said, the following links show 3 public domain private client projects in which Peter Lind & Company has acted as main contractor.

Katharine Pooley - Mayfair fit out.

Peter Lind were the main contractor on this project and were responsible for the construction, mechanical, electrical, decoration and hard finishes displayed on this video clip.

Knightsbridge basement.

Peter Lind developed and executed this scheme which involved a traditional underpin to create a two storey deep basement through the running sand and gravel bed below the water table.The project was wholly undertaken by direct Peter Lind employees and was not sub contracted out

Channel 5 Television, Superior Interiors.

Peter Lind were invited to be part of the Channel 5 TV series "Superior Interiors". The company was asked to come up with an improvement scheme in a child's bedroom with severe structural limitations. Peter Lind designed and executed an innovative mezzanine bed deck scheme that transformed the property.

Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen Forbidden Episode

Clip taken during filming of the presentation of the finished product