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Waterloo Bridge


The first photograph shows progress of the start year in 1938 and the other (below) taken on Aug 11th 1942 showing partial completion and the first traffic crossing. The building contractor was Peter Lind & Company.


Concrete Silos

Welwyn Garden City
Second phase of silo construction at The Shredded Wheat factory Welwyn Garden City 1935. The first phase constructed in 1926 can be seen in the background.

Phoenix Caissons

Arromanches, Normandy
Known as Gold Beach during the D-Day Landings of 1944. The Phoenix Caissons built by Peter Lind & Company can still be seen today.

Peter Lind & Company was initially formed in 1915. Its eponymous founder qualified as an engineer at Copenhagen Royal Technical College in 1911. For two years he received practical training with Christiani & Neilson, in 1913 he was appointed designer for the British Reinforced Concrete Engineering Company in England. Peter had planned to return to Denmark but the outbreak of the Great War secured a longer stay.

The company's first triumph was the development of reinforced concrete segmental colliery pit linings in place of the traditional cast iron. The manufacture of these pre-cast units secured a lucrative income that enabled the company to grow.

In 1917 Peter Lind & Company entered into an partnership with the shipbuilding giant Swan Hunter Ltd., which, saw the formation of
The Wear Shipbuilding Company Ltd. Through until the end of the war, concrete tugboats and barges were developed and constructed.

The post Great War period saw Peter Lind & Company gain recognition as the UK's most innovative reinforced concrete contractor. An accolade sealed into history with the construction of the silos for The Shredded Wheat Company at Welwyn Garden City in 1926. For the first time ever in Great Britain "Slip Form" construction was used. This entailed the use of hydraulically jacked sliding shutters with construction through to completion as one continuous operation.

Many of the great structures built by the company still stand as a living testament to the teamwork between client, design team and construction crew. That teamwork lives on after over 100 years!

The Post Office Tower

Central London
London's Landmark. The Post Office Tower (now the BT Tower) under construction by Peter Lind & Company in 1964.
Opened on October 8th, 1965 and costing £2 million to construct, the 189m (620ft) cylindrical tall tower is made from 13,000 tonnes of concrete, steel and glass, and at the time of opening was the tallest building in London. It's shape was designed to reduce wind resistance and gave it stability and style. (Note the sign at the top of the tower)

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