4&5 Queen Street

Mayfair, London
Conversion of 2 typical Mayfair townhouses, latterly used as offices, into 6 luxury apartments. (Left)

10 Dawson Place

Notting Hill, London
Provision of basement to rear, main body of house and frontage along with full re-fit. (Below)

The new Peter Lind ... very much like the old.

When we began reviewing the construction and management methods of
Peter Lind & Company to cope with 21st century customer demands, we realised that we had a lot to learn from the traditional methods employed by the firm in the preceding 99 years.

The company remains very much in the old fashioned mould. It consists of a "family" of loyal committed professionals ready to tend to customer needs.

The principal market place for the company today is a different one that young
Peter Lind entered into in 1915. Nevertheless, the tasks undertaken today remain equally as challenging as those that made Peter Lind & Company one of the most famous names in the construction business.

Today's projects, more often than not, involve complex basement excavation along with intricate structural works.

The company generally employs its own direct labour and owns most of the plant and equipment in everyday use on its projects. The company believes itself to be the only large scale contractor with the ability to take contracts through from major structural change to bespoke fit out under its own steam.